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Hong Kong to the United Kingdom
International Removal

UK / Scotland / North Ireland


30 Years of Experience


UK Office

Managed by HongKongers




Door-to-Door Service (Indoor)

Shipping Choices


Wooden Crate Box




Full Container





Starting from HK$7,860

Moving with a limited budget? Check out our semi-DIY package. Suitable for students and young couples. 

✅ 8, 12 or 16 Medium size boxes (19x19x19”)
✅ Packing materials
✅ Documentation Fee
✅ Customs Clearance Fee (TOR1 not included)
✅ Delivered to your doors in the UK

👆🏻 Self-pick up packing materials at destinated location (HK)
👆🏻 Self-delivered packed boxes to destinated location (HK)
👆🏻 Abnormal access not included, such as staircase carrying.

*Limited time offer. Subject to final quotation. Photos for reference only. In case of any dispute, Wil-can Logistics (HK) Co. Ltd. reserves all rights.


Groupage Price Reference

1 - 2 Family Members

保險 INS (Valued HK$40K)
保險 INS (Valued HK$40K)
保險 INS (Valued HK$40K)
大箱 (L Box) x 5
大箱 (L Box) x 5
大箱 (L Box) x 5
中箱 (M Box) x 15
中箱 (M Box) x 15
中箱 (M Box) x 15
細箱 (S Box) x 3
細箱 (S Box) x 3
細箱 (S Box) x 3

3 - 4 Family Members

保險 INS (Valued HK$40K)
保險 INS (Valued HK$40K)
保險 INS (Valued HK$40K)
大箱 (L Box) x 10
大箱 (L Box) x 10
大箱 (L Box) x 10
中箱 (M Box) x 30
中箱 (M Box) x 30
中箱 (M Box) x 30
細箱 (S Box) x 10
細箱 (S Box) x 10
細箱 (S Box) x 10

The above charges include:

  • Ocean / Loose Load / Groupage door-to-door service (within city limits / normal access)

  • Packaging materials and delivery ( see our packaging materials >> )

  • Packaging of furniture, fragile and large items ( see our daily work photos >> )

  • Basic sea freight and terminal charge

  • Import customs clearance (not including ToR application)

  • Shipment pickup & indoor delivery to the residence (indoor)

  • Carton box placement (not unpacking)

  • Disassembly and placement of large objects

  • Simple furniture installation (more than 8 screws will be charged separately)

  • Removal of unpacked debris at the time of delivery (only on the same day)

Terms and conditions:

  • The above prices are for reference only. Subject to the official quotation;

  • The above prices may subject to change without notice; 

  • ​Each family has different situations and different service needs. Please contact our Removal Consultant for more details;

  • In case of any dispute, Wil-can Logistics (HK) Co. Ltd. reserves all rights.


Common Questions

I don't have an exact address yet, is that fine?

The shipping company requires a temporary contact number and address in the UK when loading the container; after the goods arrive in the UK, you can confirm the final delivery address before delivery.

Do your British colleagues speak Cantonese?

​Our Wilcan UK office is managed by Hongkonger, and they do speak Cantonese!

Are there any surcharges

I need to aware of?

​British culture is different from Hong Kong. As long as you are moving into an apartment, there is a surcharge regardless of the staircase or elevator. In addition, overweight items such as upright pianos, grand pianos, and American refrigerators will have additional costs.

What is not allowed to pack?

Milk/milk powder, meat, illegal items, seed plants, alcohol, and any flammable items are not allowed. The Shellfish commonly eaten by Hongkongers are not allowed to be sent, including abalone, dried scallops, and conch.

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Don’t mess with network information!

As Hong Kong Mass Migration Wave occurred, many so-called "Immigrant Removal Experts" have suddenly appeared in the industry, and even spread false news on social media, Youtube and various WhatsApp groups. Please understand that each country, city, family, or even each company are different. Don't mess with the rumours online. You don't become an expert from just immigrating once! If you have any uncertain, please contact us directly via WhatsApp.

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