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Cardboard Boxes

Tips before the Packing Day

We understand Customers may dispose or purchase more items throughout the whole packing process. Our Packing Team will contact 1 – 2 days in advance to find out your final plan, number of boxes and large furniture to plan out what extra materials and tools to bring on the day.


Please understand that we are a moving company, not simply a courier or mail servicing company. Moving a home requires involvement from various parties and your kind cooperation.


  1. Please pack non-fragile items by yourself and seal the boxes. You may take out the fragile items and leave them to our professional packing crew on the day;

  2. Do not write any numbers on the boxes to avoid confusion. However, you may write down the items in general categories on the ITEM section on the boxes;

  3. The shipping company does not limit the box weight but to avoid you and our packing crew getting injured, we suggest each box not exceeding 25KG;

  4. Our Supervisor will prepare the packing list for you on the packing day. You may use this packing list as the Goods to Follow list;

  5. Due to Hong Kong Mass Immigration Wave, we are fully booked every day. Any changes to the pre-arranged pick up date must be notified AT LEAST 7 business days in advance. We will try our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee timeslot availability. Last minute notice will incur a late notice charge (HK$2500/time);

  6. LiftVan Customers: Wooden crate production takes 5 -7 business days. Please contact ASAP if you have any change in plan ; Limit by the structure of the Platform Trucks in Hong Kong and the UK, that delivers LiftVan, any excess items will have to get palletized and charged according to volume in cuft (minimum charge as 70cuft); extra pallet delivering will increase the difficulty of the case and not encouraged;

  7. Staircase-carry, furniture dismantle with more than 8 screws, piano handling, heavy lifting (e.g. heavy safer or electronical), external crane delivery, shuttle delivery, any 3rd party professional service, fines or permits, removing door or/and any fixed settings are excluded and upon request. Please contact your Move Consultant if you have any uncertain or special arrangement (You may also read through Common Excludes section under Terms and Conditions of the quotation);

  8. If you are planning to purchase the insurance coverage via Wilcan, we will require an itemized list (Insurance Declaration Form) with value to be submitted FIVE (5) working days before the packing day to be effected (Insurance>>), the form has been sent to you together with the quotation.

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