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Cardboard Boxes

​Packing Materials


  1. Sizes and items of the packing materials are for reference only and subject to change without prior notice;

  2. We may adjust the quantity of the carton boxes according to the estimated volume on the quotation. Other packing materials will be given according to ratio;

  3. Please be aware of your phone on the delivery day. We will rearrange the delivery day if our deliveryman could not contact and reserve the right to charge for the
    additional delivery surcharge;

  4. If you find that the packing materials are insufficient during you pack, you may leave the leftover items for our packing co-workers to pack for you on the packing day, pay additional HK$600 for another delivery or discuss with your Moving Consultant for special arrangement.

  5. The whole relocation process of yours, requires a massive use of paper/carton and plastic with high cost, please cherish the resources of our Mother Earth and control consumption. Do not give the packing materials to relatives or friends or use them as garbage container/bin. Please return the leftover to our co-workers on Packing Day.

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