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International Removals
Leaving the UK

Wilcan Logistics

Your Best International Migration Partner

We provide you with a one-stop immigration and relocation plan which includes the quotation, providing packaging materials, packing, unpacking, furniture installation, warehousing, furniture disposal, and home delivery. We work tightly with our long-term partners all over the world, so as to provide you with satisfactory services. We provide international relocation services in major cities around the world including Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Australia, Thailand and Europe.


Door-to-Door Delivery

We pick up the goods from your home and then deliver them to your new home.


Network Around the World

We have offices in major cities to provide you with more comprehensive services.

​View our office locations>>


​Professional Packaging

Professional packing services that meet international standards. You can rest and leave all the fragile goods such as kitchenware, glass, furnishings, pianos, etc. for us to pack.



Accidents are always unexpected! We provide customers with insurance options to add more protection to your items.



We have our own warehouse, which can provide you with short-term and long-term storage services to make the entire immigration process smoother.


Car/Motorbike Shipping

Want to send the car/motorbike with you? We provide car/motorbike shipping services. Get a quote!

Other Services

Furniture assembly and disassembly, preparation of export documents, packing materials, pet transportation, furniture disposal



Where is your next move?

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